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My name is Chris Rodwell and I am an ambitious graphic designer currently based in the UK. With every project I aim to produce clear and effective creative solutions for a range of disciplines, from branding and print to web design.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio and please contact me if you have any questions, or just want to say hello.

Repair Book

The book is a graphic exploration throughout the world of repair. It looks particularly at how in today's throw-away society, where everything is so generically replaceable, repair has become a dying art. It's main focus is how drastically falling trade affects the people who are involved within the industry. It is a bold and vivid take on the subject featuring letter-pressed elements throughout and hand stitched binding. This hand rendered quality echoes the subject matter and reiterates the importance of a job where so much relies on physicality.

SDI Media

SDI Media provide dubbing and subtitle services to the TV and film industry, bridging the gap between language and media. The logo and design elements reinforce this message by connecting the two parts of the company name ‘sdi’ and ‘media’.

Honeysuckle Bakery

Honeysuckle Bakery is a young company specialising in all things cake design. The identity is carried throughout a range of collateral from packaging to the design of the website.

Creative Education

Creative Education provide teacher training across the UK. The A5 landscape brochure promotes the many services offered by the company by subtly incorporating the names of the services across the front and back cover.

The flyers are designed to promote 'Inspire Excellence'. By using colourful, illustrative elements they aim to attract GCSE and A Level students to attend further revision classes for their exams.

Richard Keyworth

Richard Keyworth is a media composer and sound designer. The identity was designed to represent the marriage between sound and moving image by combining the initials of his name. This was applied to various outputs including cd packaging and the website.

Matthew Hawkins

Matthew Hawkins is an independent ballet dancer & choreographer. The identity aimed to embody the clarity of his work by giving a balance and harmony to the logo and collateral.

Middle Boop

MiddleBoop Mag is a selection of online writers promoting the best in new music and design. With this in mind, the typography within the logo is on a slight rise echoing the idea of finding emerging talent. This rising line element is adopted throughout the printed magazine and website.

Mark Edwards Architects

Mark Edwards is an architecture company providing services for new builds. The ethos of the business is to provide bold, modern design to all the projects they’re involved in. The structured form and colour of the identity emphasises the concept of confidence and strength within the brand.

Vetro Showers

Vetro Showers brochure is a clean, minimal brochure which showcases their selection of glass door products.


A selection of identities to date.

Music Posters

A selection of typographical and illustrated screenprinted posters for various gigs.

Orient Recruitment

Oriont are a recruiting agency who were looking for a brand new visual identity. The vision of the company is to 'put the wheels in motion for their candidate’s careers.'

With this in mind, the concept behind the branding was to show a circular based symbol representing drive and the idea of motion, pushing their clients forward.

This was applied to other elements of the business including stationary and redesign for a new website.

Diamond Poker

Diamond Poker wanted a brand identity which would set them apart from hundreds of other online poker companies. A clean, simple concept was the approach for this design, combining the two components of the diamond and the poker chip into one visual identity that would be instantly recognisable.